song of the week (…s)

Hello! So, I haven’t posted anything in a while. I had exams for about a month, followed by my summer job which I am now still at. Thing is, I started this blog mainly as a space for me where I could babble about songs I love in a space where it didn’t feel like I was just irritating those listening. I’ve missed it a lot, and really don’t want my responsibilities to completely block me from doing that which I love.

So to follow on from that, I owe many thanks to the Irish joy that is Mr Niall Horan. Yes, the guy from 1D who is far more talented than many people would like to admit. This evening I decided I could take a brief moment to check out his cover of ‘Issues’ by Julia Michaels. I expected it to stick to the general gist of the song, just with his voice which I find increasingly addictive (and for that in itself felt it was worth listening to). That which I ended up hearing, was so much more.

I recommend this cover wholeheartedly. Just put your headphones in or speakers on, close your eyes and listen. Maybe it is just me who gets an odd wave of calm as I listen to this unique take on the song, but I really hope not. It’s a gift I really hope to pass on with this recommendation. So, with that in mind, here is ‘Issues’ by Niall Horan in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge –



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